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Let’s Clear Your Energy Center!

Have you been feeling the powerful energies surrounding you right now?

You may be feeling distracted, powerless, sad, angry, confused, or even like you’re carrying the world’s energy in your body.

Not only is this a powerful time in our planet, especially it being the Year of the Fire Rooster in Chinese astrology, but it’s also a powerful time for each individual on this planet.

So why not learn how to harness your own inner power so that you can feel lighter, more grounded, and centered?

When you are living in your center of power, you can, not only manifest more quickly, but you can also effect change in your life. Changes that are in alignment with who you are at the core and in your purpose.

You get to enjoy more harmony in your relationships.
You get to open yourself up for new creative ideas.
You get rise above the noise and chaos of the world.
You get to take your power back.
You get to attract opportunities, people, and situations that support you in achieving your goals and intentions.

I have been doing so much deep work and truly harnessing my power, and that’s what I feel has become my message right now – help others also dig deep and harness their inner power. The way my life is opening right now is pretty remarkable just from where I was two months ago!

So, I’m pulling out my toolbox next Wednesday to help you clear the energy center that holds your power. Think of it as a chakra cleansing where we will be removing some gunk so your power can flow again.

Here are the details about this FREE Ignite Your Inner Power call ~
When: Wednesday, February 8, at 10 am PST | 1 pm EST. This is a 90-min web call via ZOOM or phone. I will be sharing about my own personal descent and then my ascension to where I am today, as well as helping you go a little deeper and begin to open your energy centers..    

On this call you will ~

  • Learn how to restore your power to make the biggest impact in all areas of your life 
  • Experience an exercise that will shift your mindset from what you now think is impossible to possible
  • Discover what the new Feminine Power is all about and how to use it effectively
  • Discover what keeps you choosing self-sabotage
  • Activate your Goddess Power to use your voice and tell your story to make a difference in other people’s lives
  • Receive a clearing to open up your center of power

I will also be sharing about my upcoming program – Modern Goddess Mentoring and Book Program – designed to help you own your power as a Modern Goddess and inspire other women to live out their best life through your breakthrough! 

Even if you are unable to attend the live call, you will have access to the recording, which will still have the energy and power of the live call.

Don’t miss this opportunity to join me and other amazing women who are ready to experience deep positive shifts and breakthroughs. Sign up HERE for this FREE Zoom call today! Make sure to confirm your subscription so you can receive the email with all the details for this call. 

Feel free to invite other women who you think could benefit from this call! Just share this post with them. Let’s help other SiStars open up to their inner power.<3

Let’s create some magic in your life and clear the gunk that’s in the way of you being fully in your power. Sign up for this FREE webinar HERE!

Here’s to your ignited power!

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