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Hi Love, I’ve been thinking about where I was just 7 months ago – broke, frustrated, depressed, and on the verge of giving up.

I literally considered exiting this planet. I felt like I couldn’t get this business thing down. I knew I had a purpose and an amazing gift. Yet, I wasn’t able to have communion between my gift and my business. I just wasn’t truly open to receiving or acknowledging how truly potent I was and the shifts I facilitated for people.

Have you ever felt this way?

Business was hard

Business was a struggle

I was not good with business

I was uncomfortable receiving clients, opportunities, and money

Yet, I had a vision. I always had a vision to be a change agent and transformational facilitator for people breaking through in all areas of their lives.

It took me nearly giving it all up, experiencing low lows, and disconnecting from the world to finally have a reality shift and to know that something else was possible.

How about you?

Do you have joy and ease with your business or do you dread it?

How does having a business make you feel at the end of the day?

Do you struggle with making money in your business?

Do you dream of having a business that could honor the gift you be to the world?

Do you desire to create impactful products and services to help your clients while being financially rewarded for it?

Would you like to co-create with your business and have ease and fun while at it?


Having More Ease, Joy, Fun and Flow with Your Business


Online Master Class

YES, Please!!! I want more ease, joy, fun, and flow with my business!!!

Join me HERE and receive a 50-min 1:1 session with me as a bonus!

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Entrepreneurship can feel like a lonely undertaking, and when we’re especially driven, we find it easy to get our eyes set on the prize and immerse ourselves in the daily mundane tasks. This can easily lead to frustration, overwhelm, and even dread over a long period of time. The climb to the next rung in our business to strive for success can feel like scaling Mount Everest in the worst kind of weather.

Business can also feel like a heavy burden, especially when are putting our best foot forward and nothing seems to move forward.

Do you find yourself unconsciously refusing and rejecting money, clients, and opportunities?

Do you sabotage your success and your relationship with your business? 


What if you could stop functioning from lack, doubt, fear, struggle and started creating your business from a place of ease, joy, fun, and flow?


What if you could create your relationship anew with your business every day?

And, what if you had support, encouragement as you pressed on to your next goal?

What if instead of doing your business, you could BE with your business?

Would that change how you felt about your offers? Your clients? The service or products you provided?

Would that make you feel like there was more to your business than another financial goal met? That you were actually having the impact you desired and you had all the support and encouragement you could ever require or desire?

I’ve been where you are and I know where it’s possible to be. I’ve been running my business since 2012 and I’ve experienced my business in a very structured way and in a very intuitive way. I’ve learned the tools to marry structure with intuition and flow, and I’ve found more joy, ease, flow and money as a result!



So many women are made to feel wrong about the way they want to do business, and I’m committed to showing you that you can recreate the structures and reframe your view on how to approach your business which can open up your ability to generate more income, clarity, confidence, and fun.

It’s all in the energetic patterns of you and your business!

This is what others have to say ~

“I have worked with Jackie for over 2 years and during that time my business has doubled its revenue! She used a number of coaching tools with me which got me to address the barriers that I was facing in growing my business and that were holding me back personally. I had stopped trusting in my own decision making abilities and doubting my own intuition.

Now I make decisions with more confidence and clarity– this has enabled my business to grow fast! I have better relationships with my family and have been able to use Jackie’s work to help them. I know that I have limiting beliefs which still get in the way and so I am continuing to work with Jackie on a regular basis to develop my potential. Sometimes I’m told things that I would rather not hear but it’s for my own good. I can truthfully say that Jackie has changed my life! She has an amazing gift for bringing out the greatness in every soul – I have never met anyone like her and highly recommend her!”

Palbinder Badesh, Express Pro Staffing

“I went to Jackie for some healing. I didn’t expect much but was at a point where I wanted to try anything. After my first session I was surprised at the healing that started. She opened my eyes to so much more which has helped me to continue my healing. I am so glad that I took that leap of faith. She is very intuitive and loving. She cares about her clients.”

Anita Salazar, Dan’s Certified Welding, Inc.

“Jackie has provided so much value to me both personally and professionally with her one-on-one coaching services. She has helped me gain clarity and get to the heart of the matter as well as uncover and discover potential opportunities for GROWTH (and much more). I am not only a very HAPPY client I also have referred Jackie to many of my high end clients and they have all raved as well! Thank you Jackie for being true AWESOMENESS!

Kyle Wilson, Founder, Jim Rohn Int and


YES, Please!!! I am ready!

Join me HERE and receive a 50-min 1:1 session with me as a bonus!

($175 value)

In my three-hour Master Class, you will receive energy clearings and learn tools that will support and facilitate you to:

This is not a how-to-do-your-business class, but rather, how to be with your business so you that you can align to inspired action and you can create in your business with intention and purpose.

We will also be going through the 4 quadrants of business and how to create more ease and joy in these areas. The 4 quadrants are:






When: Sunday, July 16 from 9AM PT – 12PM PT

Where: Worldwide on Zoom

Investment: $144 or 2x payments of $77

BONUS #1: 50-min 1:1 session to help accelerate your results when you pay in full.

BONUS #2: Recording of the call + recording of the clearings that you can play while you sleep for integration

BONUS #3: Worksheet with activities to use daily as added boost


I’m Ready to Have More Ease, Joy, Fun, and Flow with my Business

Payment in Full 

BONUS: 50-min 1:1 session



2 Payments of $77


Can’t attend live? No problem! Class will be recorded and emailed to you.

Join now as space is LIMITED to 12 entrepreneurs so each person can receive individualized attention.

Contact me if you have further questions!

May you listen to the whispering of your soul and join me on this grand soul liberation adventure!