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Modern Goddess Mentoring

and Book Program


Are you a woman who have ever desired to be part of a sisterhood that supports you exactly where you are, and, yet, sees and reflects to you your greatest potential?

How about being able to use your voice to impact change in your relationships so that you feel heard, appreciated, and your communication flows seamlessly?

What about experiencing true freedom? Freedom from fear. Freedom from attachments. Freedom from what’s not serving you. Freedom to commit to what’s important and not get stuck in self-sabotage. Freedom to create the juiciest and best relationships. Freedom to say YES to your purpose. Freedom to own your power. Freedom to live life in your own terms, unencumbered by doubts and small self-thinking.

Have you ever considered sharing your story, message, and processes with other women who are also on the journey of self-discovery and empowerment and inspiring them to live fully in their expression of their gifts?


This is what I’m offering in my new Modern Goddess Mentoring and Book Program to my Wise Heart Within circle of women – a space to unravel yourself, discover your purpose, express your authentic self, own your power, and actually do something that is meaningful to you and for those around you. A woman who owns her power has the power to make an impact and is a force for change.

This program is part spiritual. It’s part healing. It’s part sisterhood. It’s part a movement. It’s part discovering yourself. It’s part sharing your message. It’s FULLY embracing YOU owning your POWER as a modern Goddess and sharing that with the world to inspire other women to live out their BEST life!

Why am I so passionate about this program?

For one, it’s a program that came to me in 2015 that encompassed all my gifts – energy healing, intuitive coaching, and writing.

Second, it represents the community of sisterhood I have always envisioned. A place where women could come together in all their Goddess-ness and truly heal old wounds, including those that are ancestral, commune with one another in authenticity, and finally become the powerful women we came here to be.

Are you that woman? Do you want to be that woman? Then read on…


You are a Modern Goddess if you…

Know you have a purpose, an untapped potential, a desire to live more authentically, a drive to be more empowered, and be the powerful mom, partner, community leader, activist you’re here to be while living your normal, daily life that includes raising children, working, volunteering, and so on.

Are in-tuned with yourself and others around you and you are always attracting people who want to be counseled by you.

Are a woman who is both connected to the spiritual realm but also to the earth.

Are being called to step into your greatness and shine your light.

Program Details
This program will offer you the opportunity to –

This program includes (valued at $4,100)–

  1. 6 group zoom calls (once a month) – These calls will have specific focus on both working through personal breakthroughs as well as writing your chapter
  2. 3 private one-on-one calls with me – it’s important for me to help you with private coaching so I can give individualized attention and move you through the processes in the program.
  3. 2 live workshops intensives (one day) – these will be all-day intensives where I will be giving you direction and blueprints on writing your story, coaching on authenticity, as well as working with you to help move you into your power zone. I will be doing exercises, guided meditations, story-framing, visualizations, and so on. Dates: March 23 and August 24 (location in California to be determined and subject to change) If you are unable to attend, you will receive the assignments, blueprints, and one 60-min update call. 
  4. 3 Guest calls – I will be bringing in the expertise of teachers and mentors who will share with you their tools to living in your power as well as marketing experts who will share the art of getting yourself visible in the world.
  5. Facebook group for additional support and accountability

BONUS (Valued at $3,900):

Book info:
One chapter per participant
Coaching on writing
Marketing tools to help you sell your books and gain exposure

Expected Outcomes:
Becoming a best-selling published author
Share your message on stage, radio shows, and social media
Restored power in your relationships, finances, career, business, self, health, spirituality

This program is valued at $7,997. In fact, it’s valued at so much more because your life will truly be transformed by this process I will be taking you through, and you just can’t put a price tag on your transformation. Check out the Early Bird Special pricing below.

If you know you are a YES, then you can use the link below to sign up.

If you are on the fence about this program or need to have a conversation, please do reach out to set up a time to get on the phone with me. Don’t let your doubts or unanswered questions be what stops you from saying YES to your own HEALING and personal growth and expansion.


I know I’m a Modern Goddess and I want in!!!!
To be considered for this program and for tuition information, please email me at to set up an interview.